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Recent bird feed Back in New Beerland

With hours to go before my flight back to Oz, I did some speed birding in Zealandia Eco-sanctuary, Wellington. Birds: Sacred Kingfisher, Pied Cormorant, New Zealand Scaup, North Island Robin, Stitchbird.

Life list

These pages chronicle the birds I’ve seen in the places I visit. Life list total: 940


Species total = 396

Latest sighting

Purple-crowned Lorikeet
Glossopsitta porphyrocephala

East Africa

Species total = 290

Latest sighting

Northern Pied Babbler
Turdoides hypoleuca

New Zealand

Species total = 73

Latest sighting

Chatham petrel
Pterodroma axillaris

North America

Species total = 171

Latest sighting

Mute Swan
Cygnus olor


Species total = 66

Latest sighting

Coppersmith Barbet
Megalaima haemacephala


Species total = 30

Latest sighting

White-throated Pigeon
Columba vitiensis

A note on systematics

As with the systematics and taxonomy of most organisms, molecular testing has changed our knowledge of the relationships among avian taxa. As these relationships are far from solidifying, classification is in flux. I’ve based my classification on the most recent accepted work for Australia, but have also incorporated some of the more likely changes that are discussed on Wikipedia and other sites. I’ve tried to take a moderate approach.

Common names

Common names for a species often vary by country. As I live in Australia, I try to use the English name as published in Christidis L & Boles CL 2008. I hope to include local language names at a future date.


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Key to IUCN statuses

lc least concern nt near threatened
vu vunerable en endangered cr critically endangered

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