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Bird feed From thorn to Thornbill

Thornbills and their ilk were the thorn in my side. They flitted about in the treetops avoiding easy identification. Now I’m sorted; I can confidently say I know my Weebill from my Yellow Thornbill—and from the Brown and Yellow-rumped ones too.

Bird feed Break’s over

After a respite from birding, the birds reignited my passion by presenting a new species when I was wasn’t looking. And then, on a quick twitch on my commute home, I finally saw a Varigated Fairy-wren! I’m ba-aack!

Bird feed Lukim yu!

It was a Vanuatu holiday with no excursions dedicated to birding. So no endemics were part of the 22 species I did see. But the underwater “birds”, like the eagle ray and parrot fish, another parrot fish were a nice consolation.

Insect aside Cicada chorus

The cicada chorus has awoken; from approximately 10 minutes after sunset till 10 minutes past the end of civil twilight it’s impossible to go outside without ear protection. They are loud enough to be heard while travelling on the back of a motorcycle at 120 kph—through a helmet!

Bird feed Remote twitching part II

I always knew that my Tanzanian list was incomplete; it was more a list of photos of birds than birds themselves. Thanks to Mom’s travel journal and some remote twitching, my list has grown by 11 birds.


Twitching transport

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