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Bird feed Round robin

At Longneck Creek I spied a bird, but was distracted by another. At Castlereagh, I thought it a pointless trip till I saw a robin. I got fabulous pics of a female Rose Robin, but it wasn’t till I saw my pics from Longneck that I realised I also had a male.

Bird feed Bird in hand

Oh! how I so want to see a Rose Robin, or get a photo of a Scarlet Robin. I tried a site that is supposed to be good for them but dipped. However, I didn’t come away empty handed; I added to my Thornbill list with the Buff-rumped Thornbill.

Bird feed Star Spangled Drongo

My original sighting of the Spangled DrongoDrongo with mantis was up north and found me with my jaw at my feet and my camera in my tent. This was a bit more successful, even with 5 trips to Sugarloaf Point chasing sightings. I also saw some interesting fungi.

Bird feed Targeted mojo

It seems like aeons since my last new bird—working full time is seriously impeding my birding mojo. I am being even more targeted in my locations, and it’s paying off. I’ve seen both the Black Noddy and the Grey-tailed Tattler at Long Reef recently.

Bird feed Sea birds

It was a fabulous beach day with friends, and while I hoped to see a sea turtle while snorkeling, birds were not on my mind. Indeed, we saw our sea turtle, but I also saw 2 new birds! Double-banded Plover

Bird feed Crazy for cuckoos

At the end of a lacluster day, I returned to my addiction, Longneck Creek. On the way I thought to myself that I haven’t seen any cuckoos other than Koel and Channel-billed. Ask and ye shall receive, 2 new cuckoos!Fan-tailed Cuckoo All in all, 3 new birds.

Bird feed Deep creek, Long reef

Two birds, one sunburn, no hat—I’m not sure what I was thinking as my hat was in the car. At least I timed my trip to Long Reef with the low tide so I could explore the entire reef, instead of just looking longingly at the outlying rocks. White-cheeked Honeyeater

Bird feed Feeding the addiction

I keep meaning to try other locations (there’s been some pelagic bird sightings in Maroubra), instead I repeatedly return to Longneck creek. But it keeps feeding the addiction! 3 new birdsLittle LorikeetPacific Baza this time. I did see 2 others in Royal National Park later. Rufous Fantail


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