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Bird feed Vanuatu the second time around

Two weeks in Vanuatu yielded eight new birds. I still haven’t been much above sea level, so there are plenty left to see next time.

Bird feed Old sightings, new birds

I have some photos marked not with a species name but with only a family or order, sometimes just “bird”. Occasionally an ah ha moment triggers a photo review and a quick id, mostly it’s putting my improving birding skills to work that reveals new birds.Short-tailed Shearwater

Bird feed Magic hour at Long Reef

The perfect end to a gorgeous day was low tide and sunset coinciding at Long Reef. It looked like it was going to be quiet on the birding front until I spotted a single weary Grey Ternlet, probably blown in from a storm in the Pacific.

The places you'll go Four years, 25 images

I’ve only seen a smidgen of Australia in the four years I’ve lived here even though I’ve been to 7 of its 8 states and territories. I’ve collected 25 images that capture a bit of my experiences.

The places you'll go It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

When we visited New Zealand in 2008, we stopped by Croydon Aircraft Company at Old Mandeville Airfield outside of Gore on the South Island. I’ve finally posted a gallery of some of the restored planes.

The places you'll go Vanuatu for the holidays

I finally posted photos from our trip to Vanuatu last year. I had strong incentive—we’re returning this year and two years’ worth of photos would be way too much to handle.

Bird feed Up to my knees

Unfortunately it was mud, not birds, that was up to my knees. I did get to see my first Beach Stone-curlew as I slowly sank into the sands of Dee Why Lagoon—and it would have been up to my knees if I weren’t knee deep already.


Twitching transport

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