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Bird feed Birding FNQ

Far North Queensland, one of the greatest birding locations in Australia, was our latest holiday destination. While we avoided the big deadlies (crocs and jellyfish), dealt with the merely annoyings (mossies and leaches), we failed to see the fabled Southern Cassowary (very wary indeed). However, I did see 53 new species and managed a handful of good photos.Forest Kingfisher Double-eyed Fig-parrot, male Double-eyed Fig-parrot, female Olive-backed Sunbird, male Olive-backed Sunbird

Bird feed Res school redux

I spent the past four days in and around Albury for the residential school portion of my latest ornithology course. While class is 9 to 5, we always manage to squeeze in a bit of birding. I saw four new birds and the robins were really showing.Scarlet Robin

Bird feed Falling for autumn

Blue skies and a hint of crispness to the air drew me out to Scheyville NP. I saw my first Speckled Warbler and took my first decent photos of a Double-barred Finch and Rufous Fantail. Above all, the birds were very active and highly entertaining.

Bird feed Frogmouth fedora

I love the call of the Tawny Frogmouth, it’s low frequency and quiet, but I never fail to hear our local bird. Here’s a recording where I’ve managed to drop out the frogs and crickets—you’ll have to crank the speakers to hear it. (Did I mention that frogmouths make great hats?)

Bird feed Tattler tale

I did a loop of sites in the Northern Beaches hoping to see something new. I got photos of a White-cheeked Honeyeater and a Nankeen Kestrel feeding on the wing. And I did see a new bird, the Wandering Tattler that’s been hangin’ at Long Reef.

Bird feed To everything there is a season

I added 23 new birds to my United States list, bringing my total there to 71 species. I saw the majority at the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge. It was my first winter birding in the US and a good reminder of life’s seasonal changes.

The places you'll go Under the Sea

Some like it better down where it’s wetter… Turtles, rays, sea snakes, and tons and tons of fish, snorkeling Vanuatu is always an incredible experience. This time around we even made it to Million Dollar Point, the grave of WWII US military equipment.

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