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Bird feed Birds of the day for October 16

I thought it was time to implement an easier way to view recently seen birds. Welcome to Bird(s) of the day, a simple list of new birds seen each day. Today's bird list: White-eyed Slaty Flycatcher.

Bird feed Four if by plane

I spent 24 hours in a plane on my way from Sydney to Arusha, Tanzania. Luckily, one of those hours was on the ground in Dar es Salam where I spied four new birds. I’ve seen 20 new birds, including one from a new Order, the Speckled Mousebird.

Bird feed Three for the road

After my final surf session I got in one last bird walk before heading to Tanzania. And what a walk it was! Three new species—Green Catbird, Topknot Pigeon, and Australian Logrunner—to help make my last day in Oz this year a memorable one.

Insect aside Mini mantid

This little mantid appears to be calling my courtyard home for now. I’ve seen him on the laundry drying on the line and when he spots me, he usually jumps / floats to the ground—an amazing feat for a creature barely a centimeter long.

Miscellanea Starbuck 1995–2011

Sixteen years, six cities, four states, two countries, two continents—one great dog. I miss you baby boy. Today Starbuck returned home to the woods on the Canal. In our final walk together he found me a new bird, the American Dipper. A bit ironic considering he hated water.

Bird feed Snipe hunt with little (r)egret

I headed to Koona Bay to spot the recently sighted Latham’s and Painted Snipe, but I dipped. However, I did see a Little Egret and Common Greenshank.

Miscellanea Slug, bug double dare

It’s spring, the critters are getting adventurous, and I think there’s a bit of double dog daring going on in the insect and mollusc world with ladybugs on citronella candles and slugs on salt jars.

Miscellanea A year and a half later—it’s finished

Fifty zip ties, 35 embroidery hoops, 30 birds, and 25 meters of fabric—all for a crazy art project. It’s finally complete and hanging on the wall.

Bird feed The desert for dessert

After completing my third ornithology subject, I packed my bags and headed to the far northwest corner of NSW for nearly 3 weeks with my fellow birding and ecology students. I saw 57 new birds, including the Grey Falcon, and 11 species of mistletoe.


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