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The places you'll go Mystical mountains

With the school in Moshono, we’re nearly at the foot of Mt. Meru, 4,565 metres (14,977 ft) high. It’s rare that we can’t see Meru. Mt. Kilimanjaro, 5,895 metres (19,341 ft), is further away and moodier. It’s a lucky day when Kili is out. Meru at sunset

The places you'll go Yes, there is a free lunch

St Jude’s serves hot lunches not just for the students, but for all staff from teachers to groundskeepers. All the dishes are Tanzanian and I like them all, but Wednesday is my favorite, even if it’s the only one without a solid protein source. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Alternate Friday

Bird feed 99 + 2 = 101

I couldn’t resist a quick bird before catching the bus back to Moshono, and it added up to two new species putting my Tanzanian total over 100. Today's bird list: Crimson-rumped Waxbill, Golden-backed Weaver.

Bird feed Usa appetizer

This weekend I’m getting away from it all at St. Jude’s secondary school campus in Usa River, but today I whetted my appetite with a brief visit. Today's bird list: Marabou Stork, African Sacred Ibis.

Bird feed Birding over beer

I always make sure I sit with the best view of the trees when I’m at the local pub with everyone—today it paid off with a pair of very colorful pigeons. Today's bird list: African Green Pigeon.

Bird feed Excuses, excuses

I was looking for a reason to leave work early when I spied a small finch-like bird out the window—a Black-and-white Mannikin and a few dozen of his buddies! Today's bird list: Black-and-white Mannikin.


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