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Bird feed Birding with class

While the Internet has been sporatic at home, it has not stopped me from updating the classification* of the Australian birds, nor going birding itself. 6 new species added, and 7 updated photos.

*Classification based on: Christidis L, Boles WE (2008). Systematics and Taxonomy of Australian Birds. Canberra: CSIRO Publishing.

Miscellanea Relaunch

This site has been neglected long enough. For the past seven months I couldn’t bear to look at my site, so I never updated it. Now that I’m pleased with the new design, and improved usability of the birds lists, I’ll happily update it regularly.

Bird feed Bird feed

Many new birds/photos/audio clips have been added: 35 new birds for Australia, a new section for Thai birds, and even some additional Tanzanian birds that I dug out of my photo and audio collection.

The places you'll go Audio adventures

Sometimes my camera stays home and my audio recorder gets to travel. Take your ears on a journey to Peru, Italy, and Tanzania.


Twitching transport

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