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The places you'll go Traveling Tanzania

My photos from my post-Peace Corps Tanzania trip are finally up; they include photos from the East Usambara mountains, climbing Kilimanjaro, and safaris to Tarangire and Ngoronoro Crater national parks.

Bird feed Remote twitching

I’ve just discovered the cheapest way to see new birds in foreign lands, review photos from past trips. In a photo of a black and white Magpie Robin against a grey Bangkok background, I found a bright spot of color: a Coppersmith Barbet! That explains the call I was hearing.

The places you'll go Elusive images

I’m finally posting my travel photos. I’ve started with some old-fashioned film sets from England, Greece, and Guatemala. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before I get some more up!

Audio, call, voice Cheeky lorikeets

The crazy shedding tree in our backyard has finally produced something worthwhile—pollen—worthwhile at least to the Rainbow Lorikeets. Their piercing screeches are a bit overwhelming, but I thought I’d share.

Bird feed 24 hours in the Hunter

Twenty-four hours in the Hunter Valley brought two new species and a great photo of an immature Blue-faced Honeyeater. No luck getting the adult, as the Noisy Miners continuely chased it off; they were much more tolerant of the immature.Cattle Egret

Bird feed ‘V’ formation

Driving down the Hume Highway, somewhere between Campbelltown and Golburn, I spied a classic ‘V’ formation. When we were close enough, I whipped out my camera and started shooting. It turned out to be a flock of Straw-necked Ibises!

Bird feed Twitching the US of A

The Pacific Northwest is now the United States, or rather, Washington and New Jersey, as those are the only states I seem to visit when home. This trip more than sextupled my bird count there to 38 species.


Twitching transport

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