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Bird feed Visiting the beginning of the Earth

Or, at least the first place to see the new day. Six months ago, I travelled to the Chatham Islands (~800 km east of mainland New Zealand), and the place that will be the focus of my life for (hopefully) the next four years. Rangatira Island: Northern Royal Albatross, Shore Plover, Tomtit, Chatham Island Warbler, Black Robin, Chatham Island Snipe, Silvereye, Broad-billed Prion, Brown Skua, Buller’s Albatross, Australasian Pipit, Pitt Island Shag, White-faced Storm-Petrel, Common Diving-Petrel, White-fronted Tern, Chatham Island Oystercatcher, Sooty Shearwater, Dunnock, Grey-backed Storm-Petrel.

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